About Jason Spanich, PC

I have spent many years developing techniques and methods to work with you and draw out all the relevant facts to the case. Together we will develop the best possible plan for your case and work together to achieve your maximum satisfaction.

Then & Now

I have been studying and practicing law in the Oklahoma City area for over 15 years.


Undergraduate Work

Graduated Oral Roberts University

Undergraduate degreee in Business Administration


College of Law

Graduated University of Oklahoma College of Law.


Beginning my practice

Passed the Oklahoma Bar Exam.

More about my firm

We can help in most areas of law but we focus on:

Charged with a Crime

What happens if I’m charged with a crime? Remember your right to remain silent! The single biggest issue when defending a client is overcoming what they have said to others. This typically involves statements made to law enforcement (the police), but also involves statements made to friends and family.

Drug Posession

I will defend you if you have been charged with: Drugs; Trafficking; Possession; CDS charges; or a probation violation. Depending on the jurisdiction in Oklahoma, these terms vary.


Homicide; Sex; Domestic

Homicide, Sex Crimes and Family conflicts (Domestic charges) are some of the most difficult cases to handle when it comes to criminal defense.

Personal Injury

Car and automobile accidents can be devastating and disruptive, even in the best of circumstances. Call proven litigation experts. We can take on the insurance companies and protect you and your interests. Real results for real world problems. We will make you whole and see that you get the settlement or verdict in court that you deserve.

Take the time to meet with us and see why our clients feel they have a team that is looking out for their best interests.

A caring team

We put our clients well being first. You will never feel you are fighting on your own. We will listen and advise and then fight for your protection.

What Our Clients Say

A Great Find

"Jason was very helpful through all my court dates, he was kind and best of all he's really good at his job. He did all the work and I just had to show up.."

- Lane Adams

Over the top help!

"I contacted Jason to deal with a tax issue. He listened to my issue, walked me through what we were going to do to resolve it and made sure I understood all the information I needed to gather. Once we started the process he checked up on my case to make sure everything was moving forward. I feel much better having someone that knows the law on my side when dealing with the IRS."

- Tate Goodman

Amazing Service

"Jason is an amazing attorney. After firing a very high profile attorney for not doing anything to help us after a year and a half, we found Jason. He fought for my husband's rights and freedom from day one and got a serious felony charge dismissed without costs in just under 6 months.."

- Sallie Neal

The Best Bread

"Mr. Spanich was an amazing attorney! He did everything in his power to ensure that things were done correctly and was with me step by step through the entire process! He's a great communicator and put me at ease in a time that was VERY stressful for me!."

– Jeremy Nethon

A Word From Our Founder

If you have been charged with a crime, call me. I handle every type of felony and misdemeanor.
I have handled all manner of criminal cases. I represent clients charged with the most serious crimes, such as Murder, Rape and Robbery.
I work on White Collar offenses, such as Embezzlement, Bogus Checks and Forgery.
I handle Drug and DUI cases, such Possession of CDS, Distribution, Trafficking and DUI/APC/DWI.
I work on Sex crimes and Crimes of Violence, including Assault and Battery or Domestic Abuse.
Lastly, I handle misdemeanors of every type and variety.
Most often, clients are unsure of what to expect when criminal charges occur in their life, either for themselves or for a loved one/family member. I provide assurance in an uncertain time.
I am here for my clients, from the first step (arrest or arraignment) through disposition (trial, hearing or plea). I have more than 19 years of experience, practicing exclusively in Criminal Defense. My litigation experience includes more than 50 jury trials, with the majority being Sex crimes, Murder or Death Penalty cases.
It is that very experience that I use to guide my clients through the process and to a successful result. I practice throughout the State, in various City and Municipal courts and in Federal Court.

Jason Spanich


To me it is personal. You need someone who believes in you and fights for your rights. I will stand by you and ensure you are treated fairly and get the justice you deserve.