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Our experience from both the prosecuting and defending sides of the court will provide the assurance you need in an uncertain time.

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Jason Spanich, PC leads a team of dedicated attorneys committed to the belief that you deserve the best defense possible in all situations.

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Our Philosophy

The client/citizen accused is always nervous when confronted by the police. Sometimes the client believes that they can “talk their way out of” a difficult situation or avoid being charged with a crime. The danger in speaking with the police is two fold: A) generally speaking, law enforcement has much more experience in conducting interviews and tailoring questions to give an incriminating response and B) the client/citizen accused is not as familiar with the law regarding their rights to remain silent.

If you have been charged with a crime, call me. I handle every type of felony and misdemeanor.
I have handled all manner of criminal cases. I represent clients charged with the most serious crimes, such as Murder, Rape and Robbery as well as general felonies and all misdemeanors.

Jason Spanich, PC

About Me

You need someone that will fight for your rights. Our team believes in the motto “Fight Back” and you can’t do it alone. Let us fight for you and feel the difference it makes to have a qualified professional team in your corner.

My Experience

I have been practicing law in the state of Oklahoma for over 20 years.   I have helped countless people get a fair and just verdict and I know I can help you too!





Willing to fight for you

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Every initial consultation is with Attorney Jason Spanich and is always free and confidential.

Decades of Experience

Attorney Jason Spanich has been practicing law for over 20 years and has experience both on prosecuting and defending sides.

Strong Local Reputation

Jason Spanich, P.C. has established a strong reputation in the legal community throughout Oklahoma.

Record of Success

Attorney Jason Spanich has represented hundreds of clients and has a track record of success.

What Our Clients Say

A Great Find

"Jason was very helpful through all my court dates, he was kind and best of all he's really good at his job. He did all the work and I just had to show up.."

- Lane Adams

Over the top help!

"I contacted Jason to deal with a tax issue. He listened to my issue, walked me through what we were going to do to resolve it and made sure I understood all the information I needed to gather. Once we started the process he checked up on my case to make sure everything was moving forward. I feel much better having someone that knows the law on my side when dealing with the IRS."

- Tate Goodman

Amazing Service

"Jason is an amazing attorney. After firing a very high profile attorney for not doing anything to help us after a year and a half, we found Jason. He fought for my husband's rights and freedom from day one and got a serious felony charge dismissed without costs in just under 6 months.."

- Sallie Neal

The Best Bread

"Mr. Spanich was an amazing attorney! He did everything in his power to ensure that things were done correctly and was with me step by step through the entire process! He's a great communicator and put me at ease in a time that was VERY stressful for me!."

– Jeremy Nethon

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Were here in Oklahoma City

Address: 1300 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Hours: 9am – 5pm Everyday

Phone: +1 405 236 0115

Email: jason@jasonspanich.com