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About Jason Spanich, PC

Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney with Two Decades of Experince

My firm at Jason Spanich, PC understands the importance of your case and the need for representation that has your best interests in mind. Committed to knowing the facts and devoted to my clientsI have over 20 years of experience with a wide variety of criminal defense cases. I believe in taking an aggressive approach to your case while maintaining compassion for your situation.

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My keys to your success


  • My years of experience and my dedication to researching your case, as well as the history of similar cases, is a major key to my success. Researching the latest changes to case law is critical to providing you the best service possible. I spend numerous hours researching and discussing with my colleagues so that I can guarantee you the best possible management of your case.


  • My approach is a vital part of my practice. I am able to work with you to ensure you understand the process. Working together can be the best path to success in your case. My approach ensures that we have an excellent working relationship with clear communication. Together we can seek out the best defense and ensure that all the available evidence and ideas are put to work for you.


  • New and relevant ideas can make all the difference in your case. I work tirelessly to ensure I am on top of the latest ideas and rulings in case law. I discuss your case with my colleagues to generate new ideas that I can put to work for you.


  • I work to develop a complete case plan so that I am prepared for your case. By working through the entire case and thinking through all possible scenarios, I can develop the best plan for your specific situation. Working together, we develop a plan that works for you and considers your needs and wishes.

Let me put this process into motion for you and your criminal case. Call me at (405) 236-0115.

You want Experience in your Corner

In addition to potential fines and jail time, an assault and battery conviction could result in the client having to pay the victim restitution for any expenses directly attributed to the crime. I am very familiar with these cases and can investigate every aspect of your case, from preserving evidence to drafting motions.

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Every initial consultation is with Attorney Jason Spanich and is always free and confidential.

Decades of Experience

Attorney Jason Spanich has been practicing law for over 20 years and has experience on both sides.

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Jason Spanich, P.C. has established a strong reputation in the legal community throughout Oklahoma.

Record of Success

Attorney Jason Spanich has represented hundreds of clients and has a track record of success.