Car and automobile accidents can be devastating and disruptive, even in the best of circumstances.  Call proven litigation experts.  We can take on the insurance companies and protect you and your interests.  Real results for real world problems.  We will make you whole and see that you get the settlement or verdict in court that you deserve.


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Car and automobile accidents and injuries hurt more than just physically.  Emotional disruptions happen as well, especially when insurance companies actively attempt to prevent you and your family from getting the monetary settlement that you deserve. We are here to make sure you are covered and made whole.  Your interests will be protected.
Confronting and fighting the insurance company is difficult and stressful.   Choose the advocate that will fight for you and protect your interests.  We take the stress out of the situation.  We will be with you every step of the way, from making a claim, taking depositions and conducting discovery to settlement or trial.  Hire an experienced litigator, one who will take your case to court if the insurance company does not make you whole.
Call (405) 236-0115 if an accident or injury happens to you or your family.  Seek counsel and CALL US before you speak to the insurance company.  We will have your best interest at heart.  The insurance company will try to limit what they pay to you, and will use your statements against you, in an attempt to justify a substandard settlement.  We will make sure you get the biggest settlement possible and stop the insurance company from limiting their payout to you.  How do you help?  Call us before you make a statement.  We will be there with you, during every step of the process, guiding you with experience and professional advocacy.
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