I will defend you if you have been charged with: Drugs; Trafficking; Possession; CDS charges; or a probation violation.  Depending on the jurisdiction in Oklahoma, these terms vary.
Most often, clients are unsure of what to expect when these specific charges occur in their life, either for themselves or for a loved one/family member. I provide assurance in an uncertain time.  Drug possession charges occur frequently, while Drug Trafficking charges are less common but more serious. Additionally, probation violations can commonly occur in conjunction with Drug or CDS charges.
If you find yourself charged with drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, trafficking, or a CDS probation violation, please call me.  In Oklahoma, Drug Crimes are prosecuted under Title 63 of our statutes.  In court and in pleadings, these drugs are called “Controlled Dangerous Substances” which is why you will commonly hear people refer to “CDS” charges.  The CDS/Drugs are classified via Schedules and divided from Schedule I through Schedule V.  Schedule I-V CDS are found in Title 63 O.S. Section 2-204-212.  In addition, Oklahoma Statutes differentiate between simple possession of CDS, Possession with the Intent to Distribute CDS and Trafficking CDS.  There are subsets of crimes when the Possession occurs within a certain distance of a school, park, etc.
I have defended thousands of citizens charged with drug possession, possession with intent to distribute and trafficking charges.  It is critical to hire a lawyer with experience in defending citizens that have been charged with a drug offense.  The punishment ranges differ, suppression issues will almost certainly be present and often times probation violations will result from a drug charge.
I can expertly identify suppression issues, should they exist and craft the Motions to support my client’s needs.  I have successfully argued Motions to Suppress and I have strong skills and experience in researching the applicable case law.
It is that very experience that I use to guide my clients through the process and to a successful result. I practice throughout the State, in various City and Municipal courts and in Federal Court.  Common locations include Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County; El Reno and Canadian County; Grady, Logan, Lincoln and Blaine counties.  I practice throughout the State, in every county.  Call me today!