Homicide, Sex Crimes and Family conflicts (Domestic charges) are some of the most difficult cases to handle when it comes to criminal defense.
Fortunately, I have over 20 years worth of experience when it comes to these cases and I will bring all of my knowledge and expertise to bear for you.

A significant portion of my time as a lawyer has been spent litigating the most serious crimes in our judicial system.  I have handled more than 50 homicides and easily more than 200 cases charged as sex crimes.  I have litigated more than 500 domestic cases, as those cases are even more common.  I will take you through the process and make sure you are protected and safe.

Call me at (405) 236-0115 and reserve your appointment now.  I meet with every client and thoroughly investigate all aspects of the case, including preserving evidence, interviewing witnesses and drafting motions.  I will litigate your case in court and zealously present your case to the State, the Judge and the jury.  Too often, citizens do not have anyone in their corner.  I am your advocate.  I fight for you and protect your interests.

Homicide (the most common-murder, first and second degree,  manslaughter and negligent homicide) is the unlawful killing of a human by another.  These cases have the potential to be punished more harshly than any other crime in our state.  You will need an advocate that has experience.  All charges are serious, and these are the most serious of all.  I will help you.  Clients have literally put their life in my hands.  I will fight for you!

Sex crimes and domestic issues have a key commonality…these charges are typically one person’s word against another.  We have all heard of “he said/she said.”  These cases typically devolve into a battle of testimony, and what every citizen accused needs is a lawyer that has the experience to expose the weaknesses in the State’s case and the strengths of your case.  I have been there and will advocate for you. When you need a powerful advocate on your side, call me and I will defend you!

(405) 236-0115