What happens if I’m charged with a crime?  Remember your right to remain silent!  The single biggest issue when defending a client is overcoming what they have said to others.  This typically involves statements made to law enforcement (the police), but also involves statements made to friends and family.


What do you say when talking to law enforcement?

The client/citizen accused is always nervous when confronted by the police. Sometimes the client believes that they can “talk their way out of” a difficult situation or avoid being charged with a crime. The danger in speaking with the police is two fold: A) generally speaking, law enforcement has much more experience in conducting interviews and tailoring questions to give an incriminating response and B) the client/citizen accused is not as familiar with the law regarding their rights to remain silent.


The most important thing a client can do is to remain silent regarding any fact or circumstance of any potential case or situation in which they may or may not be involved.   Do not attempt to talk your way out of being charged with a crime.  The client should NEVER speak with the police without a lawyer present to represent them.
If the client insists on speaking with law enforcement, the client should ask only one question…“Am I free to leave?” If the answer is yes (the client is free to leave,) then leave the situation and call me immediately at (405) 236-0115. If the answer is no (the client is not free to leave,) DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ELSE AND DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. If you are taken into custody, do not panic, remain calm, remain silent and call me, or have a family member call me.  I will help you and do everything I can to keep you safe, get you out of jail and keep you out of jail.
My clients know I will handle their criminal defense needs, in a responsible and respectful manner.  I can help you with the most serious type of cases, like murder and all forms of homicide, to drug crimes like trafficking and possession, to domestic cases and DUI, to general property crimes like burglary and bogus checks.